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A Statement on Active 'Political' Nihilism, by Angry Mob


We are living at times where psychological warfare is being weighed upon us. In the capitalist states the biggest concern of an individual is not the fulfillment of primary needs. Instead individuals follow a more emotional and intellectual pursuit.

Those who are in charge do what they can to make these pursuits difficult in order to preserve their position. Our culture is oriented towards stupidity with the goal of keeping the majority as numb as possible.

Living at an age of choice is very exhausting for an individual looking for some sort of certainty. Search for the „correct” set of ideas often leads to greater individual angst or even ignorance. We must make our choices carefully.

Political nihilism is concerned with creating a more sustainable environment based on rationality. It does not offer a solution which would fit inside current laws and regulations. Instead, it offers a new beginning – a total destruction of values which uphold current obsolete political system.

Political nihilism as an idea-set is currently ahead of it's time. Realization of one’s individuality and surroundings takes considerable amount of time and effort. In present society there is no need for greater self-awareness. The need is replaced by mindless consumerism and culture.

The problems of current society are unsolvable by today's stagnant social institutions. These are set up primarily to assure the existence of status quo. Those who hold the resources have no interest in improving or changing anything since they are also the ones profiting from the current system. Solving societal difficulties is not their main concern. They are the ones fueling the problems in the first place.

 Vision and Aims 

Just like every other action, the pursuit of destruction remains highly an egoistical endeavor. There is no way for and individual to dictate other’s wants and needs. One’s utopia is a prison to another. Destruction which touches others is only necessary in order to pursue one’s personal goals.

Following values need to be marginalized in order to achieve greater and more sustainable individual and collective well-being:

  • The cult of efficiency and productivity

Enough of destructive economic growth! Enough of mundane and ridiculous day-to-day wage slavery which supports it! Do we really need personal enslavement in order to achieve fleeting collective welfare?

Cities with high density population are the main manifestation of this cult. People are squeezed together in tiny apartments because it’s economically lucrative. Psychological aspect is being overridden by the need for bigger numbers and positive statistics. Social isolation, depression, competitiveness inside a group and disparate share of wealth are just a few antisocial perversions which derive from metropolitan way of life.

Globalized monetary system is another aspect partially arising from these values. Currency is one of the greatest human inventions being widely misused today. It is prone to human greed and destructive egoism which manifests itself in endless corruption. It annihilates communities based on human relations in a blink of an eye. It is merely an artificial medium which has no real value. Money is an invention which has spiraled out of population’s hands. It has become a material dictator which supports the elite.

  • The cult of complacency

From evolutionary perspective it is tremendously dangerous to be complacent – to stop evolving. However, that is exactly what the current mainstream culture tells the public to do. Widespread complacency can only be useful to the establishment which rests on stability and stagnation.

The contentment with one’s surroundings can be fragile at best. We live in a world where the environment around us continually alters and our wants and needs transform.

  • The myth of freedom and equality

Democracy is an ideology. Just like any other ideology it isn’t nearly as beautiful in practice as it is on paper. It is a dictatorship of the majority, the discrimination of the minority. The only difference between the real dictatorship and a democracy is that in a democracy the population has the right to choose who will govern them, giving people the illusion of freedom. It is a form of control which rests on citizens who have been lead to believe that a Big Brother is necessary to look after them.

Equality is a myth perpetrated by those who want to see the population homogenized. Disguising the inherent difference among the population helps to remain in power and annihilate potential resistance. Just as there is no equality in nature, there is none in human society.

  • The false sense of community

One of the core components of individual’s psychological well-being is the sense of community – sharing one’s sense of identity with the beloved people surrounding him/her. In current society this concept is heavily misunderstood.

People are defined by their nationality or the countries they live in. The working population is forced to pay taxes to the federal government which shares their earnings to people and projects which a common taxpayer isn’t even interested in. This compulsory expropriation of wealth does not promote a sense of community between the alienated individuals. The profits aren’t directed according to taxpayers’ interests. Taxes are there to keep the government intact not to aid the growth of individuals and communities. This extremely wide sense of shared identity is not in correlation with human nature.

  • The false sense of security

Legitimized violence is one of the core roots of every establishment to rely on. Brute force is necessary for anyone who intends to stay in power for long periods of time.

Military and police are tightly controlled by the government. They share the same purpose with the social institutions – guaranteeing the status quo. They protect the government from the enemies – be them external or internal, real or imaginary. Everyone who threatens to oppose status quo is a potential enemy. It is a double-edged sword in a sense that they oppose both: negative and positive change. However, the risk is worth taking. Let there be no force to stop the shift in paradigm!

  • The pacifist stance

"Violence is the only way to answer violence."
– Gudrun Ensslin, the leader of RAF

Violence is a part of life. Everything which can be used will be used by someone. If its not you its most likely your enemy. Moral constraints just leave fewer possibilities to achieve one’s goals.

Peaceful protests can only be effective to a certain extent. Every possible means should be used for the sake of destruction. Violence should be treated as a means.

Current public demonstrations and protest are often large in numbers. Yet they fail to achieve any long- term improvement in their areas of concern. They lack a vital element of resistance. They battle their fully armed enemies with rocks and useless words.

Morally condemning violence as a means is hypocritical. The only difference between the violence of the state and the violence of an individual is that the first one is always legalized. One should not be fooled by the moral concepts, no matter how revered they may be.

What comes after the initial destruction is up to every individual and group itself. There is no absolute certainty of a brighter future. But odds are definitely lower when one does not even try. One can not afford to be neutral on a moving train.


Political nihilism can only prevail when conditions in a social organization are so unhealthy as to make destruction desirable. In other words – when a state can feed its citizens they are generally more tolerable of its policies. When a state fails to provide economic welfare to its upholders there will be opposition.

A prerequisite for political nihilism is the decay in living conditions of the population. When this requirement is not filled there are small chances of seeing wide-scale revolutionary activity.

However, there are ways to speed up the process of eventual destruction. A prerequisite needs to be filled in order to have remarkable success with the following methods:

  • Legitimate method

Legitimate method includes public protests, propaganda and all activism which doesn’t surpass the laws. It is beneficial for the educational effort of otherwise complacent and unaware public. It targets the people.

The most effective way to spread the sentiment is face-to-face interaction. Establishing social relations on an individual level makes the audience more likely to listen.

  • Direct action

Direct action is the use of violent and nonviolent means to achieve one’s goals. Just like everything else which tends to be effective it is prohibited by the laws. Insurgency and political violence can be extremely successful when it is supported by ill-affected public. It directly aims the establishment by making it waste more resources on counterinsurgency and other necessary measures.

It would be unwise to use only one method described above. Words without action are meaningless, and vice versa. Using the two methods combined will lead to the biggest success.


What do I want?

I want to achieve greater individual freedom, destruction of mythical values which uphold the oppressive and obsolete political establishment, a new societal convention which would be based on rationality and in accordance with human nature.

 How do I get what I want?

By organizing, protesting, resisting, using every means which is rendered effective and discarding moral boundaries.

- Angry Mob, 2010

The outward life of men in every age is moulded upon an inward life consistent of a framework of traditions, sentiments, and moral influences which direct their conduct and maintain certain fundamental notions which they accept without discussion. Let the resistance of this social framework weaken, and ideas which could have had no force before will germinate and develop. – Gustave Le Bon


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